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The Ugly Face Of Welsh Politics

Are we to believe that there is nothing disturbing about the way our Assembly is run?


Over the last few months there has been and there is still going on what seems to be a controlling body in the Senedd that woe betide any one that falls fouls of the hidden rules and cabal that lies within.


This is not a one party system here is Cymru but who would think otherwise, when we have all the separate partys sanctioning their members for what seems to be speaking their minds, and taking action in support of the people that elected them.


It seems that they are in competition with each other to see who can control their AMs with the most sternest of actions.


Further more it seems that if an AM is getting in the headlines for having the audacity to support the public in what ever fight they are involved in, without having permission to do so from the party heads, then its off with theirs.


Let us start with the ex Labour Party AM for Rhondda Leighton Andrews



After supporting the parents of Pentre primary school that faced closure Mr Andrews was forced to resign " some say sacked " this is what he said then. In a letter to the first minister Carwyn Jones " Labour " released on Tuesday afternoon, Mr Andrews said: "I feel I have no option but to offer you my resignation today.

"I regret that my commitment to my constituents may have led me to an apparent conflict which led to difficulty for the government."

Mr Jones accepted the resignation with "great regret".


He added: "I recognise very well that there is sometimes tension between the role of a government minister and the demands of a constituency assembly member.


Mr Andrews was also at the centre of a political row over health, when he was rebuked by Mr Jones for using the Labour party's name to oppose potential cuts to specialist accident and emergency services at the Royal Glamorgan hospital in Llantrisant which serves his constituency.


It is my opinion that if as an Labour AM in the Welsh Assembly, then it is the last thing Carwyn Jones Leader wants you to do is fight for the rights of your constituents, just keep quiet and let the Welsh Health service go to ruin.



And yes it gets a lot worse

Are they all in the control of the Assembly together

Welsh Conservatives leader Andrew RT Davies said the resignation was "inevitable" and that Mr Andrew's position had become "untenable".

He added: "His resignation will now enable him to articulate these concerns from the backbenches - however they don't change the damaging policies of Carwyn Jones government, in particular in health and education."

And then we have the Neil McEvoy Saga

"I was elected by the people of South Wales Central to do a job. I’m here to hold the government to account and to ask the awkward questions.

Neil McEvoy Plaid Cymru AM


This must be the worst case of political bullying that has been reported about any politician that I can remember.

I remember when Neil was elected as AM Along with Leanne Wood, every one was congratulating him and wishing him well in his new role.


Of course that was not to last because lo and behold Neil started to do the job he was elected for, to represent the people that elected him. And worst of all he had the nerve to speak out in the assembly when he thought things were not right, and if some time to strongly, it is not the way a lap dog should behave.

Neil has proved time and again that he is no ones lap dog, and will not lie down on command from no one.


So it has been all hands to pump when attacking Neil, from all parties it is a coordinated attack and all because he will not toe the party line.


This is what Paul Davies tory chief whip said.

In a statement, Welsh Conservative Business Manager and Chief Whip, Paul Davies, said:


“Confirmation of Neil McEvoy’s permanent expulsion from the Plaid group should settle this matter once and for all.

“For a smaller party to hold more Committee Chairs sets a dangerous precedent for the future of this institution, and it is our hope that Plaid Cymru will now reflect on this matter.

“It is unacceptable, deeply undemocratic and frankly worrying that Plaid should continue to lay claim to Committee Chairs for which they have no mandate.

“Above all, it is vital that the people of Wales are able to have full confidence that this place is working in an open, transparent and democratic manner.”

A report on the matter published by the Assembly’s Business Committee in October confirmed that the Presiding Officer “does not agree with the majority view on the committee” responsible for the allocation of committee chairs.

A spokesperson for the Llywydd said at the time:

"The Llywydd considers that the standing orders are clear as to the requirement the business committee has regard to the need to ensure that the allocation of chairs reflect the balance of groups, and so a situation where the Plaid Cymru group has more chairs than the Conservative group is clearly anomalous".


Absolutely nothing about Neil just as usual the Tories have used a statement about one subject to complain about something irrellevant to the question, I wonder did he have permission to have a rant about another party before hand?




Carwyn Jones Labour AM and first Minister


There is no secret that Neil and Carwyn Jones are both political and personal foe's. Have had harsh words to say about and too each other, and both are ready to have a political argument and yes heated at times. Is that what politics are about yes I would say so, if we go around agreeing with each other's point of view then why have different parties with different agendas.  They will keep on with this tussle between them and my view it can only enhance democracy within the Assembly, there is nothing wrong with getting the truth out in the open.


Leanne Wood Plaid Cymru AM and party Leader

The first time NEIL was suspended

Plaid leader Leanne Wood has accused Neil McEvoy of being “impossible to work with” because of his “character, demeanour and attitude”.


She wrote: “There is a process under way and there is a limit to what I can say or write now. I can confirm he has been suspended for breaching a code of conduct.

"This code of conduct was in place following his previous suspension upon being found guilty of bullying by the Local Government Ombudsman.


“Over the summer, that code of conduct, as well as many of our group’s standing orders, were breached.


It is my opinion that Leanne is hiding behind the very same rules that Neil has supposed to have broken. She condemns Neil for questioning the ruling Party in the assembly, that ruleing party that she after promising not to work with turn down the opotunity to return to the poll and try once again to rid Wales of the tyranical goverment that the Labour Party has become, no good crying now Leanne when there is someone there to have a go and not sit back thinkin only of the next leadership election.





No talk about the Assembly here in Wales especially about the treatment of AMs by their leaders would not seem right with out the mention of the late Carl Sargeant.

A man accused of what? no one seems to know least of all Carl Sargeant. It is a sad reflection on the way things are being run in Cardiff bay.



What Next For Cymru


While AMs are elected to represent their constituency's, and party leaders are willing to condemn them for such actions, things are not looking to good for the future of our beloved Country. We do not need politics as usual, we need politicians that are not afraid to stand and fight for our country.


We need an Assembly that will fight for Cymru and its people, an assembly that will not form into a cabal of plastic patriots, and see our country and our Assembly be no more than a talking shop doing the bidding of a foreign country be that England or Brussels.



Mike Powell Rhondda