Putting the record straight.


I voted to leave the EU for one reason and one reason only. I believe that our land Cymru can and should be a free democratic country to rule one-selves, and that should be the right of every nation on this planet.

The greedy despots of this world will do and has done some unimaginable atrocities to keep control or to steal land than that does not belong to them.

Today's finest example of that is the Israel domination of the Palestinian people killing men women and children, their only crime is to throw stones in defence of their mother land. Sadly the world sits back and let it happen.

Of course this has happened through out history the British Empire was built on the same appalling method, crushing the endogenous peoples of any land they chose to conquer.

We in Cymru should rule our selves and getting rid of one of the opposition is alright by me.

Staying in Europe which I am convinced is what will happen will will Im afraid reinforce the idea that we cannot rule our selves and have to be propped up by others.




Mike Powell Rhondda