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This page can only be started with a quote from Gwynfor Evans Maiden speech.

26th July 1966



"Westward look the land is bright. I appeal for help at the seat of the only Government that we have to create quickly the conditions which will ensure for the people of Wales a fine national future"



Sadly those words like the words from Cymru today fall on deaf ears, even worse there are MPs from all parties and yes some from our own country Cymru ,who sit in the English Parliament and will not recognise Cymru a nation, but rather use the derogatory term Principality.

While this continues we as a nation will be held down on our knees with the begging bowl held high.





It is time that all Welsh Nationalist's started to wake up "DEFFRO" our time as a nation is quickly running out.

But never fear the Labour Party in Cymru are shouting for independence, well I have one thing to say, the people of our country have put their faith in them since 1999, look where we are now.


Our NHS is being all but privatised be it through the back door or the front door we are going to loose it nothing more sure. It is time that we are to take action and save the NHS,  NOW


Welsh industry and manufacturing has hit rock bottom, yes there are successful stories all over our country the we must be proud of.

While our big industries are controlled from out side Wales, yes some times from other parts of the world we must reinstall the big industries of the passed.


Education in our country is first class, we have world beating universities, students come from all over the world to study her, but we must have the jobs for home grown students, far too many are leaving Cymru when they finish their study s. Who can blame them there must be radical changes here and they must be made very quickly.


It is no good looking at our elected representatives, yes i voted for some of them I have never felt so let down and disappointed. 


This is what the Europeans have in store for us

UK without Cymru                         OR                     UK with Cymru

The choice is not difficult to make

And for you people that think, that the peoples wish to leave the EU will be carried out, think again.


At a time when the UK is negotiating a new, deep and special partnership with the European Union, it is continuing to look outwards globally.


– Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns MP
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Rhyddid yw ein dewis ni / Freedom Is Our Only Choice

Mike Powell