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Rhyddid yw ein dewis ni / Freedom Is Our Only Choice

Mike Powell Rhondda


I do not belong to any political party, (At this moment) what I say in these pages are my thoughts and my thoughts alone.


Being born and bread in the Rhondda gave me a real quick education into the politics of the day, the son of a Rhondda miner, and the grandson of a Rhondda miner, what else could I be but left wing and not afraid to say so, Through my 68 years I have not change my mind about the way I think about politicians and politics. 

I learned from the early years that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, yes you have heard that one many times before and I suppose you will hear it again.

 When people are elected to serve the people that elect them, all ready getting complicated eh, that is when the corrupt system gets them to forget why they are in that place to begin with, giving the false ideas of  their role in life, turning them into yes men and women. (better say the two sexes or ill be accused of being sexist)

The way people think these days it is no wonder why people loose the fight that is in them, for fear of upsetting the system that has got into their brain,      ( Perhaps Their Wallets )

I have seen our Rhondda go from prosperity to poverty, yet in the prosperous times there were poor, but today it is not the coal owners that are keeping us poor and afraid to fight for better times, but our elected representatives, even growing up as a young worker I could see the yes men of the Trade union movement, getting foremen jobs, and yes even getting elected to the local council for their reward for keeping the workforce controlled. 

Yes I have known trade union representatives shun any offer of advancement not so that people would say he's a good man, but because he believed in the reason he was elected to that position in the first place, there are of course some elected people who will stay true to the cause, and will not falter in their fight for fair play for all.


We have party leaders in Cymru that are happy to get dragged along by London politics that is content to destroy not only our county but our very existence as Cymro. Let us not pretend for one minute that they represent the people that elect them, if that was the case we would see more people getting thrown out of the Assembles and  the Parliaments of the UK.
Silent protests are no longer an option for the men and women that represent us, abstaining in crucial votes just because the opposition is bound to win, is not only ludicrous but also treasonous to the people that elected them.
Following and supporting a party is one thing being blindly led is another, every party must and should be answerable to its members, that is why democracy is failing fast in the UK and every corner of it.
Here In Cymru however we are getting hammered by both the Assembly And their masters in the English Parliament, it is not with distain that i use the word English in this text, but its a matter of fact that it has always been the English Parliament and always will be called so, throughout the world it has never been anything else.
For the sake of our Cymru we must change and fight for and get a Parliament in Cymru For Cymru, and should we have it in Cardiff the Capital that we had gifted to us by the English Parliament?
Mike Powell