Hearts on fire

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Last pit in the Rhondda


We are being brought to our knees by our elected representatives.
taro yn ôl nawr






Throughout our land we are being systematicly brought to our knees by our elected representatives?.......... What a statement I hear a thousand voices cry.


And should I tell you more?



We sit back and rely on our so called saviours and never questioning their actions. The only qualification they must have is to be a member of the party we chose to support. We are all guilty of this because we allow any government to do what it pleases when elected, the opposition has no real power, and when there is a chance to rid the electorate of any undesirable elements (proven or otherwise) they chose to hide behind the status quo, just like the ostrich burying their heads in the sand, and woe betide any one who dares to step out of line and defy the party leader, and their henchmen / women. So where dose that leave the party supporter? watching their party sitting by and letting the real bad politicians get away with destroying what is left of our county.
We have party leaders in Cymru that are happy to get dragged along by London politics that is content to destroy not only our county but our very existence as Cymro. Let us not pretend for one minute that they represent the people that elect them, if that was the case we would see more people getting thrown out of the Assembles and  the Parliaments of the UK let alone our Cymru.
Silent protest are no longer an option for the men and women that represent us, abstaining in crucial votes just because the opposition is bound to win, is not only ludicrous but also treasonous to the people that elected them.
Following and supporting a party is one thing being blindly led is another, every party must and should be answerable to its members, that is why democracy is failing fast in the UK and every corner of it.
                                                 Monetary systems
As far as I can remember successive London governments have told the people of the UK to live with in its means? here is the debt that the UK is in on the 18/10/2017           £ 1,752,551,626,448 
     Some more iteresting facts about the UK debts

Interest per Year    £47,047,531,967

Interest per Second    £1,492

Debt per Citizen           £26,249

Debt as % of GDP     87.95%

GDP       £1,992,775,920,187

Population     66,767,000

UK debt clock link http://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/debtclock/unitedkingdom

All this from governments that tell us to live within our means.

The most frightening part of all the Senydd is begging to get borrowing powers, dose not look good does it.


The alternative view

There is no need to borrow money from the banks, a new monetary system would solve a lot of recurring debt and put confidence back into businesses across Cymru.

A monetary like the Bradbury £ for example can only better the situation we have in our country Face book page of the Bradbury




Education in Cymru


Our Schools here in Cymru are second rated, the education system is more concerned about teaching political correctness than basic education models.

children in our schools are being encouraged to question their sexuality and which toilet they should use how appalling is that.

How far away is that the state will decide your children's future not them, and even encourage children to ignore parental advice on matter only appertaining to family life.

The biggest crime our schools is that Cymraeg is not be taught in most schools and being taken away in others just to please incomers, I know what would happen if our children went schools across the border and we demanded they be taught in Cymraeg, and if that is politicly incorrect so be it.





Hospital in Cymru are at braking point this is I am sure is by design and can only end in privatization of our once threshed health care, the thousands of dedicated doctors and nurses are being use as and excuse to close wards and shut hospital, and the excuse is tat we cannot recruit enough of the right people we need.


I have been a recipient of hospital care over the past two years and i can say that the care that I was given was first class by caring and understanding individuals that care deeply for the NHS and what is happening to it.



                                                Freedom for my beloved Cymru


The list goes on and it getting worse, I must here state my position as I have done in the past, but seems to be falling on deaf years, I am first and foremost a Welsh nationalist, I strongly believe in our country that is why my wish since i first got involved in politics was and still is to have free Cymru for my children and grandchildren to grow up as proud Cymro.


Like all Welsh nationalists, or so we are led to believe, we all want our country to be free from the chains of bondage that has held our country from being the proud and strong country it can be, is it so wrong to wish for the best for ones self? ones country?


There lies in the biggest problem of some Plaid members, they all want freedom from London but are a willing to give that freedom away to Europe. The same in Scotland the people want freedom from London yet the SNP wants to be part of the EU Union. Have we not learned the lessons of the passed.



We in Cymru thrived along with the rest of the UK when we were not in Europe under the viscous Torys and led by a Questionable Ted Heath, thousands of  people were cudgelled into believing that the best way forward for us here, is the EU, or then as it was the common market, from there with the help of the most hated woman in UK politics we went from bad to worse.

On the subject of UK most hated woman politician, it was ordinary workers that supported her in her struggle to brake the trade union movement and therefore brake the working class fight for ever.

Working class men and women voted her in to office, Doctors, Nurses, and the Unemployed kept her in No 10 all those years, is that not a sad reflection here in Cymru in our fight for freedom.


 It is time here in Cymru that all proud Cymro start circling the wagons Plastic Patriots not allowed.



Mike Powell

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